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hi people. this is my page full of strange things that don't belong on other pages :] ALSO pls don't hotlink but feel free to save or steal anything!!
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i'm not sure exactly what to do yet but there will probably be links to a bunch of other stuff on here... an animated gif of a rapidly blinking eye within what appears to be a ripped hole in the page

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6.22.23 it has been absolute ages since my last blog post i have been so busy and dealing with a lot of crazy mental health issues but i really missed working on this site and all the really cool people on it. im going to try to make an effort to work on my site more and fill out more of the pages not just the ones linked here on my misc page. i especially really need to work on the section of my site that talks about my projects because i've been really crazy into those lately. i honestly think sometimes that my ocs are the only thing that can keep me sane in this economy. in other news did you guys hear about that fucking submarine?

1.18.23 i just finished my links page finally and filled it with all sorts of goodies. it's going to be updated semi-regularly as i keep finding more cool stuff on the web. next thing i'm gonna do is start working on the other links in my navigation that still need pages

1.3.23 new year new me. i also got added to the vocaloid webring so that section is looking a little less barren ^_^ in other news i have been playing pokemon violet and got really into shiny hunting, i've gotten around 5 in the past 48 hours alone and i'm on an adrenaline rush that isn't stopping anytime soon. oh i also started producing music??? might start posting that on my site too soon if it works out

12.23.22 this update came really fast but i just wanted to say i did a bit of reorganizing on here and made things generally a lot cleaner and went ahead and finally added a chatbox and my guestbook which anyone can use :) i also turned the bottom box in my sidebar into a sort of image dump because i couldn't decide what else to do with it right now. it currently houses a bunch of my blinkies and some other images but i'm still going to probably make a page that has all my favorite graphics (blinkies, buttons, stamps, etc) in one place later. hugs and kisses

12.22.22 teehee so this whole page right now is a HEAVY work in progress i probably will not be satisfied with it for a long time but that's okay cause its just my silly little misc page... it's arguably the least important page on my site but because of that i also am able to have the most fun with it which is why it is so crazy here O_O anyway this might be it for the first "update"... if you're reading this i'm giving you a kiss on the lips also.

i smile because i have no idea what is going on
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