k, as in khel h, as in khel e, as in khel l, as in khel

hi. that's my name ^

welcome to my webbed site :3 *vampire voice* please enjoy your stay...

...each main part of my site is seperated into seperate zones like a series of doors in a house so explore to your hearts content. it can be weird, unrefined, and kind of broken at times, but most importantly it's MINE. i think a lot of us can relate to feeling like we're broken or don't belong... but why would you want to live in a world where everyone is trying to be exactly the same anyways?

i'd like to describe myself as an artist but i'm not quite sure how accurate that is since I do a lot of things besides just art in the traditional sense. though to be fair, i'm of the opinion that anything can be art so calling myself an artist is still pretty accurate in that regard. i do like to pride myself on my eclectic personality and unique style but really, i'm just like anybody else who's come face to face with the unknowable horrors of this world. to learn more about those horrors click the MEAT... click the meat.

like what you see? i recently graduated college from the university of texas at austin and i'm always looking for projects to be apart of; if you want to talk about work, commissions, or freelancing, EMAIL ME! i don't bite much.

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sorry, this website is under construction!