k, as in khel h, as in khel e, as in khel l, as in khel

^ that's my name

welcome to my strange and miraculous corner of the internet, please enjoy your stay and wipe your toes on the doormat

each part of this site is separated into different sections like a series of rooms in a house so explore to your heart's content. my site can be a little weird, unrefined, and even broken at times, but most importantly, it's MINE.

if i were to tell you a little bit about myself, i might say i'm an "artist" but i'm not quite sure how accurate that is since i do a lot of things besides art in the traditional sense. that being said, i'm of the opinion that anything created with intention can be "art" so calling myself an artist remains accurate in that regard. i do like to pride myself on my eclectic personality and unique style but really, i'm just like anybody else who's come face to face with the unknowable horrors of this world.

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